How do you measure greatness in education? Neither the length of a vita nor the number of citations can tell the full story of an important figure like George Hillocks, Jr. The best way to understand his ideas and influence is to go inside classrooms where followers channel his passion for inquiry-based learning into dynamic language-arts lessons that support student success. In this book, twenty-one of Hillocks’ former graduate students share how they apply his principles to encourage adolescents to become critically engaged readers, writers, and speakers. But far from a simple celebration of a master educator’s work, this text describes specific, practical activities that create authentic, active learning through inquiry, meaningful peer interaction, and reflection. These activities can be put to immediate use as either additions to your existing lessons or as patterns for building new curricular and instructional models. In an era when teachers face more pressures and scrutiny than ever, Reflective Teaching, Reflective Learning provides compelling testimony to what thoughtful, reflective language-arts teachers can accomplish. Discover that greatness in education is measured one student success at a time.

Foreword by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm