Discipline: Mathematics

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Copyright: 2015

Grade(s): K - 2

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Imprint: Pearson Canada

Author(s): Alex Lawson

What to Look For

Understanding and Developing Student Thinking in Early Numeracy

What to Look For
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a wide variety of easy-to-implement activities and games that build children's number sense.

how strategies and key ideas develop over time.

to narration that walks you through the learning.

In this unique resource, teachers can watch, listen and read about the strategies and underlying key ideas that children use to solve problems. That’s because this is not just a book, but also an eText with 50+ narrated videos.

Author and researcher, Alex Lawson, tells the story of a group of students she interviewed and videotaped over several years. Through her narrative and video, you witness strategies and key ideas develop over time.

Good instruction is integral to developing student thinking and learning and this resources provides a wide variety of easy-to-implement classroom activities that build children’s number sense and early computation skills.

This resource was written in response to teacher requests. They wanted better insight into children’s mathematical development. This is the resource that will help them know: 

“What does this child’s thinking tell me about what he or she understands?”

 “Where does this child’s mathematical thinking lie on a framework of primary numeracy development?”

“What questions can I ask, or what activities can I do, to help this child move to the next phase?”

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