About Us

Every day Pearson resources touch the lives of teachers and students in Canadian classrooms. Our research-based print and digital programs; assessment tools; and educational services are designed to help teachers make a lasting impact on learning for every child.

Pearson is Canada’s leading educational publisher, developing resources for all core curriculum subjects K-12; Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and French as a Second Language. We see the diversity of Canada’s students as a strength and are committed to developing a full array of core curriculum, supplementary, assessment, professional and early learning resources to help students of all ages learn at their own pace, and in their own ways.

Pearson supports Canadian teachers with state-of-the-art teacher’s guides, professional books, professional courses, and educational services from kindergarten through grade 12. Our authors and consultants are leading educators dedicated to advancing learning for all students. We support teachers’ efforts to continually refine their craft and to develop new levels of teaching expertise through our innovative and practical resources. We represent leading professional learning educators from Canada and around the world, including Heinemann, Annick Press, Teacher Created Materials (TCM), Taanishi, and more. 

The staff at Pearson believes education is a shared responsibility. We reach out to parents, caregivers and schools within the broader communities where we work and to which we have responsibilities, responsibilities we take very seriously. We commit to remain learning-driven in all the things we do: in the resources we develop, in the way we execute our business, in the services we provide and in the relationships we build. That means developing all our people—authors, advisors, consultants and staff—to be innovative lifelong learners who make a positive difference in the lives of students. We seek out opportunities to improve and we welcome the constant stretch required to do it better every day.