50 Strategies for Your Virtual Classroom

Virtual teaching may seem scary, but it doesn't have to be! Tackle the new school year with confidence and skill by using the insightful material in this resource book. With specific strategies that fit into ten broad categories, 50 Strategies for Your Virtual Classroom will ease the stress of distance teaching. Whether you are organizing your at-home classroom or focusing on social-emotional learning, this book will lend support through it all.

50 Strategies for Your Virtual Classroom Highlights:

  • Offers 50 instruction strategies to aid and inspire virtual teaching
  • Covers a broad range of topics, from building community and engaging students to teaching young readers and English learners
  • Gives tips for different learning environments, such as independent and hybrid learning
  • Provides grade-level differentiation and important reminders for each strategy
  • Includes an annotated list of useful applications and websites as well as student work pages inspired by the strategies.