50 Strategies for Learning without Screens

Going Old School to be Ready for the Future.

In a world buzzing with screens, 50 Strategies for Learning without Screens offers a fresh alternative with hands-on, screen-free learning experiences. Tailored for various grade levels, each strategy is a deliberate step away from the digital noise, focusing on essential future-ready skills such as curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, and compassion. These practical strategies are designed to engage students and promote deeper learning competencies-and help ensure the best tech use.

This resource provides:

Future-ready skills: Empower students to navigate a world driven by innovation, adaptability, and critical thinking.

Hands-on, brains-on learning: Immerse students in hands-on, brains-on learning experiences that will captivate them, fostering a love for exploration, discovery, and creativity.

Adaptability: Tailor each strategy to suit your content, your style, and, most importantly, your students. These adaptable techniques are designed to resonate with a diverse range of learners, making education a personalized and enriching experience.