Calm, Alert, and Learning / Ready to Learn

Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation

Recent research tells us that one of the keys to student success is self-regulation – the ability to monitor and modify emotions, to focus or shift attention, to control impulses, to tolerate frustration or delay gratification.

But can a child’s ability to self-regulate be improved?

Canada’s leading expert on self-regulation, Dr. Stuart Shanker, knows it can and that, as educators, we have an important role to play in helping students’ develop this crucial ability.

Distinguished Research Professor at York University and Past President of the Council for Early Child Development, Dr. Shanker leads us through an exploration of the five major domains—what they are, how they work, what they look like in the classroom, and what we can do to help students strengthen in that domain.

Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2015

Grade(s): PreK - 6

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Pearson Canada

Author(s): Stuart Shanker, John Hoffman

Features and Benefits

  • Provides an overview of the most current research on self-regulation in an accessible, practical format
  • Includes case studies of teachers, students, classrooms, and entire schools where self-regulation techniques have enhanced students’ potential
  • Details tips and suggestions that can be implemented quickly, easily, and affordably
  • Supplies online content linking to resources and content for professional learning and parent communication

How to help your child self-regulate

Children, especially young children, are just beginning to understand and manage their behaviours and emotions. As teachers, you are already developing these self-regulation skills in your classroom. Parents can also help their child learn these valuable abilities and skills. That’s why we developed Calm, Alert, and Ready to Learn, a booklet that provides information, tips, and strategies on self-regulation. It is based on a best-selling book Calm, Alert, and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation, written by Dr. Stuart Shanker.

Features and Benefits

  • Inexpensive 16-page booklet that explains self-regulation in parent-friendly language
  • Helps parents collaborate with teachers in the development of self-regulation skills by providing practical tips and strategies for use outside the classroom
  • Ideal for presentation at a curriculum night or to send home with students
  • PowerPoint presentation and modifiable Cover Letter available for download

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