Teaching Math with Meaning

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Cultivating Self-Efficacy Through Learning Competencies

Discipline: MathematicsProfessional Resources

Copyright: 2017

Grade(s): K - 8

Imprint: Pearson Canada

Author(s): Cathy Marks Krpan

Critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, personal and social competencies--we have all heard, read, and talked about these competencies but what do they look like in practice?

As teachers, we want our students to see themselves as capable, strong mathematical learners. We know that those students who have the capacity to persist with challenging learning are more successful, in school and beyond. We know, too, that when we see ourselves as knowledgeable mathematical teachers and learners we have a strong positive effect on our students’ learning.

Author Cathy Marks Krpan believes that through competency-based learning, students and teachers alike can deepen their mathematical understanding and share and impart that knowledge in and out of the math classroom. Teaching Math With Meaning takes a practical approach to embedding this deep learning in K to Grade 8 mathematics classrooms. Background information and links to research introduce a range of strategies and activities that you can implement in your classroom to:

  • engage students in practical and creative activities to deepen understanding of mathematical concepts and build key learning competency skills 
  • promote a positive classroom culture through assessment practices that value student voices, encourage sharing and risk taking, and facilitate the needs of diverse learners
  • explore current practices and new initiatives in mathematics education.

Included in the front cover of each text, you’ll find an access code for the companion website, which features sample questions, activity line masters, and additional resources for extended learning.

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