Discipline: Professional Resources

Copyright: 2017

Grade(s): 2 - 6

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Kara Pranikoff

Teaching Talk: A Practical Guide to Fostering Student Thinking and Conversation

Talk is part of every classroom, regardless of grade, content area, or school location. So how can teachers harness the energy of talk to spark discussion, strengthen student dialogue, and deepen comprehension?

Teaching Talk is a practical resource that will help you focus your lens on classroom talk, making the most of the student voices and ideas that are already part of your classroom, and increasing the potential for learning. Kara Pranikoff offers suggestions and strategies that can be used immediately, starting with a comprehensive list of questions to help teachers assess and reflect on student talk. Each chapter addresses an element of classroom talk along with concrete examples to help you: 

  • collect and analyze artifacts of talk
  • provide opportunities for students to share their ideas
  • create conversations orchestrated by students and grounded in their ideas
  • strengthen both talking and listening in conversation
  • reflect on progress, set goals and refine instruction.

Conversation is the currency of most ideas in the world. With Teaching Talk as your guide, you’ll help students develop the skills they need to be inquisitive, independent, and critical thinkers in all aspects of their lives.