Discipline: Professional ResourcesLiteracy

Copyright: 2021

Grade(s): 3 - 8

Delivery Method: Print

Imprint: Heinemann

Author(s): Chris Hall

The Writer’s Mindset: Six Stances That Promote Authentic Revision

How do you approach revision with your students? Is it a stage in the writing process right after “drafting” and just before “editing?” What if revision is something that happens in the mindset of the writer during the writing process, not just on the page, after it’s done?

The Writer’s Mindset reframes revision not as a series of steps, but as an awareness that’s present through all stages of writing using mindset stances. Each chapter begins by defining one of the stances—metacognition, optimism, perspective-taking, flexible thinking, transfer, and risk-taking. Chris identifies core beliefs about the importance of each stance to writing and revision, and offers suggestions on how to foster it in students. He also includes specific examples of how you can weave the stances into the minilessons and pre-writing, drafting, conferring, and sharing activities you already do. 

Revision doesn’t have to be radical. Apply a new lens on your writing workshop practices, make subtle but seismic shifts in your teaching, and help your students spark a writer’s mindset as they move beyond revision resistance.