With Signposts for Young Readers, Kylene Beers and Bob Probst extend their pioneering ideas from Notice & Note and Reading Nonfiction to grades K–5. Working with elementary teachers and their students, they answer your questions about how to bring the three big questions and the fiction and nonfiction signposts into your K–5 classroom.

In Signposts for Young Readers, you’ll find:

  • answers to questions commonly asked by K–5 teachers regarding teaching with the Signposts
  • a broad K–5 instructional progression for introducing the Signposts, three big questions, and anchor question
  • advice for merging them with balanced-literacy structures such as
    interactive read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, book clubs,
    and whole-group instruction
  • suggestions for leading classroom talk that moves from right/wrong
    answers to sophisticated responses
  • end-of-chapter prompts that support your own professional

“First and foremost,” write Kylene and Bob, “we teach children to read with joy and passion so that they have the chance to become a lifetime reader, a lifetime learner, a person who has the opportunity to get lost in a book—and get found in one.” They stand committed to helping you develop in all students that love of reading along with the skills needed to comprehend the complex texts our global society demands of us all. They want passionate readers who are smart readers. And it can all start with Signposts for Young Readers.