“Evaluations can be seen as someone else’s judgment. Or they can be seen as a way for us to show what we can do and how amazing our students are.”

—Jennifer Ansbach

This year's evaluation can be different 

Evaluation can be scary, unproductive, and even unfair. But this year it doesn’t have to be. Not if you let Jennifer Ansbach help you take charge of the story of your practice, make the most of the process, and keep the focus on student learning.

Documenting your practice and professional learning to improve your evaluation 

Take Charge of Your Teacher Evaluation, isn’t about gaming your evaluation. Instead, Jen shows how to build a Professional Development Journal piece-by-piece—one that aligns to your evaluation system, boosts your professional growth, deepens student learning, and actually makes your evaluation a productive two-way conversation. You’ll be prepared at any time to clearly present unmistakable evidence of your work and your students’ growth. Best of all, Jen brings it back to the kids, always suggesting ways to connect professional learning to the young people in front of you.

A blueprint for growth and success

With examples from Jen’s own journal and helpful downloadable forms, you’ll create a living document that helps you:

  • reflect on areas for professional growth
  • map growth paths directly onto your evaluation rubric
  • plan lessons that help you and your students grow
  • document student work
  • collaborate effectively with observers in a pre- or post-observation meeting.

A more meaningful evaluation 

“Just as we encourage students to use assessments to showcase their learning,” writes Jen Ansbach, “our evaluations can be a way to reflect on our practice and showcase our growth.” This year, be ready for any observation, even unannounced ones, and bring meaning and value to your evaluation with Take Charge of Your Teacher Evaluation.


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