This book is a response to educators who limit multicultural education to "culture of the quarter" or "country of the week." A resource for teachers who live and teach in the real world, where family structure is fluid, varied, and changing; where students live in mansions, duplexes, projects, or cars; where parents work in factories, fast food restaurants, farms, or universities. A world where every learner is a lifelong learner and every student is valued.

Together, these essays will take you into issues of multicultural education more deeply than you have probably ever ventured before. You'll embark on a journey into educational systems and explore

  • the just and unjust issues of schooling
  • the need to move beyond teaching about culture to facilitating self-discovery
  • the way classrooms mirror larger society

And by the end of this journey, you'll reach some remarkable conclusions about multicultural education: 

  • that it has its foundations in democratic classrooms
  • that it is most easily facilitated when students are empowered
  • that it is the best path to true equity in education