Help! My Kids Don't All Speak English offers an exciting new take on English language instruction—the language workshop. Language workshop focuses on the specific language needs of every child, allowing you the flexibility to scaffold instruction by modeling specific uses of language, posing problems and ideas that expand kids' language skills, and teaching specific thinking strategies. Students will find the guidance and opportunity necessary for acquiring language, learn the structures of discussion and debate, and think through ideas and texts. Nancy Akhavan details how to make language workshop happen in your classroom, sharing frameworks and strategies that help children:

  • share ideas, decisions, and understandings orally and in writing
  • think critically by analyzing, synthesizing, and comparing texts
  • acquire and apply the conventions of English
  • gain language skills through authentic literacy lessons.

Warm, supportive, and complete with classroom-tested units of study, example workshop lessons, ready-to-use graphic organizers, and a rich booklist designed specifically for use with language workshop, Nancy Akhavan's Help! My Kids Don't All Speak English is going to make a difference to every member of your classroom.