If you teach English language learners, you probably have too many unanswered questions to count:
  • How do I assess a student's English?
  • How do I get my reluctant speakers to speak English?
  • How do I teach grade-level content to English beginners?
Fortunately, second language acquisition expert and teacher coach Stephen Cary has answers to your most pressing concerns. In Working with English Language Learners he responds to teachers’ ten most frequent and most problematic questions with essential information, ready-to-use ideas, and helpful new professional development supports. Cary takes on the big questions in Working with English Language Learners, Second Edition. He answers them thoroughly with:
  • Classroom Stories: examples drawn from actual classes that demonstrate outstanding ELL practices.
  • Reflections: coaching commentary that highlights key teaching strategies and ties together theory and practice.
  • Discussion & Application: professional reflection questions and action items, new to the second edition, that encourage strong, responsive ELL practices.
With all this plus updated and expanded lists of teacher resources, ELL references and acronyms, new samples of student work, helpful tools, templates, and self-assessment rubrics for teachers, Working with English Language Learners, Second Edition, is perfect for any professional development setting or for self-study. Read it and, finally, get your most important ELL questions answered.