The best way to transform students’ scientific thinking is by transforming their science writing. Writing is thinking and with Negotiating Science you’ll move from rote procedures to the kind of writing that real scientists do. Your students will learn to negotiate meaning from the results of their work and to argue for their ideas—posing questions, documenting evidence, making claims, and sharing data. Perfect for science notebooks!
Leading you through an argument-based approach to science writing that is grounded in highly effective practices, Negotiating Science:
  • demonstrates what good science arguments look like through student samples.
  • models and supports top-notch instruction through teaching tools and templates adaptable to any classroom.
  • contains guidelines that make assessment seamless and manageable.
  • includes “Have a Go” activities help you make the transition from traditional science writing to argument-based writing.
Best of all, the writing Negotiating Science advocates can support your school’s nonfiction and content-area writing goals.
Give students the chance to deepen their connection to science by writing for authentic purposes. See the dramatic difference it makes when students negotiate the meaning of concepts and content the way real scientists do. All while you meet schoolwide writing objectives. Read Negotiating Science and unlock the power of writing in your science classroom.