This package is designed for on-site, flexibile and economical professional development in collaborative learning teams.  Team members will learn how to develop accurate and high-quality assessments and use the results in ways to promote learning.

The Complete School Package (ISBN: 9780132100625) includes the following components (also sold seperately):

  • Assessing Reasoning in the Classroom DVD (2007)
  • Assessment for Student Motivation DVD (2007)
  • Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing It Right-Using It Well (2006)
  • Commonsense Paper and Pencil Assessments DVD (2007)
  • Creating & Recognizing Quality Rubrics (2006)
  • Designing Performance Assessments for Learning Standalone DVD (Integrated component) (2007)
  • Developing Balanced Assessment Systems: Seven Essential Actions for Schools and Districts DVD Promotional Package (2009)
  • Evaluating Assessment Quality: Hands-On Practice DVD (2007)
  • Grading & Reporting in Standards-Based Schools Standalone DVD (2007)
  • Learning Team Facilitator Handbook & DVD (2007)
  • Repair Kit for Grading, A: Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades (2007)
  • Student-Involved Conferences DVD (2007)

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