Marie Clay pursued a tantalizing quest: “What is possible for children with reading problems? What would have to change?” Boundless Horizons tells the story of how, by observing young readers in ordinary classrooms, Clay uncovered explanations that led to the development of Reading Recovery.

Boundless Horizons is written for all professionals who seek better possibilities for children struggling to read and write. It focuses on both Clay’s enduring commitment to the child becoming an independent reader and writer, and how she extended her inquiries to teachers. It shows how she connected research, theory, and practice and how teachers and teacher educators can find new possibilities for widening the horizons of their own work.

Read Boundless Horizons to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and principles underlying Reading Recovery and an insight into why this originally small, local project has taken wing to far places, in undreamed-of ways. And read it to start thinking about how you can take up the challenge Clay left behind: to continue the search for possibilities. To maintain her strict standards of research, practice, and international dissemination. And lastly, to continue to be surprised and delighted by what is possible, as readers’ horizons ever extend.