You dread confronting students who have plagiarized. But every year you have to. By the time you detect a simple citation mistake or a research misdemeanour, it's too late. The right prevention strategy can reduce or eliminate the incidence of plagiarism. And in Barry Gilmore’s Plagiarism, you’ll get classroom-tested prevention strategies and much more.

Copycats aren’t all the same. Some are dishonest, some merely confused. That's why Barry Gilmore (bestselling author of “Is It Done Yet?” and Speaking Volumes) presents a full menu of strategies for prevention. Plagiarism’s ideas work inside and outside your classroom:

  • Use Plagiarism to build students’ understanding of plagiarism and set expectations for academic honesty.
  • Use the Plagiarism Study Guide ( with colleagues to discuss and implement Gilmore’s prevention techniques in your department.
  • Give your principal Plagiarism to initiate a school-wide plagiarism discussion.
  • Watch how Plagiarism’s approach helps students detect plagiarism before you ever have to.