By utilizing the reading/writing connection, teachers can fit more into a day than they ever dreamt possible. This book demonstrates how through careful, explicit assessing, planning and teaching every student can understand the relationship between reading and writing.

Filled with practical classroom strategies based on both theory and research, this resource demonstrates how to move students between reading and writing to become more skillful readers and writers. The book explores the essential understandings needed to use the reading/writing connection; demonstrates how planning helps to use the reading/writing connection; and outlines teaching strategies to use the connection to strengthen your everyday encounters with students.

  • Charts, minilessons, and curriculum calendars provide ways to organize your ideas.
  • A special feature called “For Further Study” is included for staff developers, literacy leaders, principals and members of study groups to provide a track for continued learning.
  • Assessment is integrated into each chapter, providing a clear image of what it looks like to assess in the service of student learning.
  • Practical ways to integrate phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling into planning and teaching reading and writing are incorporated throughout.
  • Word study is integrated into every chapter to ensure a systematic approach to the topic.

Foreword by Lucy Calkins