It takes time, planning, and staff participation to effectively bring about system change. 13 Parameters provides this support to administrators as they bring about whole school change with a proven, comprehensive, and easy-to-use toolkit for staff development and literacy improvement.

This toolkit includes:

  • A Facilitator's Guide that includes activities, line masters, assessment and feedback forms as well as PowerPoint templates to support sustainable, collaborative professional learning sessions
  • A DVD with mini-documentaries of each of the 13 Parameters in action
  • A Backgrounder with an overview of themes and research that support literacy learning and leadership
  • A Literacy Leadership Research Book that contains articles, activities and graphic organizers essential for building literacy instruction competencies at school and district levels, featuring articles by educators such as Michael Fullan, Blair Mascall, David Booth, and Carol Rolheiser
  • Parameter Cards that detail each of the 13 parameters and their role in sustaining achievement.