Boys are sons and brothers and they become husbands, partners and fathers. But how well do our social, political and educational institutions help boys fulfill their promise and live lives that develop their values and talents? This book is a practical and highly entertaining resource for those who wish to understand the needs of boys and how to best meet those needs. Dr Tim Hawkes uses a refreshing mix of common sense and scholarly research in a book that gives hope and inspiration to those interested in helping boys. Some questions answered include:
  • Are boys really in as much trouble as some people are suggesting?
  • How can boys be helped to perform better at school?
  • Are there ways to encourage boys to read more?
  • What needs to be understood about boys, friendship and sex?
  • How should the issue of aggression and bullying be handled? - How can boys become more socially responsible?
  • Are there ways to encourage boys to have better relations with their parents?
Dr Hawkes examines several additional topics including drugs, depression, sport & body image and friendship & sex.