Classroom Management: A Proactive Approach, second edition is based on three principles: community, prevention of discipline problems, and positive support for students with behavior difficulties.  The text is designed to meet the needs of both pre-service and veteran educators, both in general and special education, by merging the best practices of both in order to provide a practical and research-based guide to manage all students including the culturally diverse and those with special needs.  In the second edition, special consideration is given to students with the following problem behaviors:  ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities, passive-aggressive behavior, depression, aggressive behaviors, and students receiving special education for emotional disabilities. The author also teaches his readers how learning communities meet student basic needs for affiliation, control and mastery; how many behavior problems can be prevented through consistent routines, effective group management, engaging lessons and positive student-teacher relationships; and for those students with emotional or behavioral difficulties, interventions must be data-based and proactive. Infused with the belief that successful classroom management is based on a love for children and a will to succeed, the text guides readers to a deeper understanding that good teaching trumps problems with learning every time.