Sure, middle grades students want independence; but they need intense instruction. In this book Nancy Allison turns paradox into perfectly doable instruction that both honors and cultivates student independence.

Offering students a choice of what to read is research-sound practice, and in this book Nancy offers her classroom-tested wisdom on how to make choice manageable. With Nancy’s unique deskside conferences students develop their independent reading strategies and learn to select just-right books, while you as the teacher manage multiple needs and keep everyone focused. You’ll find examples of conferences with reluctant readers, English learners, developing and gifted readers—conferences that improve student motivation and ability.

Along with plenty of sensible advice on everything from setting up your library to doing effective assessment, you’ll find: 

  • booklists
  • reproducibles
  • practical ideas for minilessons.

These and many other tools make student choice not only the best way to motivate students, but the easiest, most effective way for you to turn your whole class into readers for life.

The included study guide makes Middle School Readers ideal for individual teachers, teacher groups and preservice teachers who want to develop their student-centered instruction.