Creating Linguistically and Culturally Responsive K-12 Schools

"Powerful examples from real schools, students, and their families provide a background for the research-based and theoretically sound suggestions Soltero provides to help teachers and administrators implement best practices with their second language students."
David and Yvonne Freeman, authors of Between Worlds, Third Edition

The make-up of students in K-12 classrooms across Canada have become increasingly diverse. A multi-pronged and multi-level approach is needed to address the education challenges faced by today's ELLs, their teachers, and the school leaders who guide them. Sonia Soltero can help with:

  • real-life examples of students, parents, teachers, school leaders, and community organizers that illustrate schoolwide challenges and successes
  • identification of 9 common myths surrounding second language acquisition and best practices for overcoming them
  • schoolwide curricular planning and program design for a holistic and integrative approach including needs assessment and implementation
  • effective classroom instruction and learning practices that best help ELLs' develop strong foundations in language, literacy, and content learning
  • leadership and advocacy recommendations to improve ELL educational equity and access.

A shared schoolwide responsibility for educating ELLs directly contributes to their academic success or failure. Take the necessary steps to better serve ELLs in your school with Schoolwide Approaches to Educating ELLs.