Table of Contents


Part One: Planning for Literacy Reform

1. Setting Up for a Strong Start (or Restart)

2. You Can’t Be the Only Leader—But the Job of Delegating Leadership Is Yours

3. Communicate the Vision, Build the Energy

Part Two: Lifting the Level of Teaching

4. First Things First: Build an Instructional Foundation

5. Help Teachers Lift the Level of Their Methods of Teaching

6. From Good to Great: Supporting Teachers’ Continued Growth

7. Build a Culture of Ongoing Learning

8. Provide Teachers with Professional Development

9. Rising to the Additional Challenges of Particular Populations

Part Three: Establishing Structures across the School and Community

10 Data-Based Instructional Rounds in Reading and Writing Workshops

11. Create Rituals and Traditions that Hold the Heart of Your School

12. Giving and Receiving Potent Feedback

13. Leading Adults Can Be Tricky: Responding to Trouble

14. Stay the Course while Integrating New Initiatives

15. Advice on Using the TCRWP Assessment System

16. A Few Words about Test Prep for High-Stakes Tests

17. Engaging Parents as Partners

18. Build Your Own Support Group