Table of Contents

Introduction: Principles for Practice
I. Teaching and Learning Literature: A Problem with a Solution 
1. Stories from the Classroom: Lessons on Learning Literature
2. From Telling to Teaching: The Literature Workshop in Action
II. How Readers and Texts Make Meaning 
3. Which Interpretation Is the Right One? A Workshop on Literary Meaning
4. The Problem of Background Knowledge: A Workshop on Intertextual Literacy
III. How to Talk and Write About Literature
5. Where Do Interpretations Come From?
6. What's Worth Saying About a Literary Text?
IV. Writing Assignments in Literature Classes: Perennial Problems and Provisional Solutions
7. Writing Assignments in Literature Classes: The Problem
8. Writing Assignments in Literature Classes: Models for Solutions-in-Progress
V. Foundations of Literary Knowledge
9. Honoring Readers and Respecting Texts: Value and Authority in Literary Interpretation
10. What Do Students Need to Learn? The Dimensions of Literacy Competence