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"Let's redefine the role of teachers and equip them to be the orchestrators of learning and change agents required for learning to flourish."

- Michael Fullan, Stratosphere

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Pearson Professional Services

Whether you are a classroom teacher or school administrator, our Professional Learning courses, resources and workshops provide the very best support for K-12 educators.

As an Educational Administrator and leader,
you are constantly striving to provide the best for your students and staff. You want to develop future leaders by building capacity, and you want to ensure that the programs you are delivering are being successful and keeping up with the latest research and technology. Pearson’s Professional Learning offerings can help you and your staff achieve professional growth and achieve your goals.

As a classroom teacher,
you know that great teaching makes a difference. Whether you’ve been teaching for 1 year, 5 years or 25 years you’re constantly changing and refining your instructional practices to keep pace in education. Pearson’s Professional Learning courses in Curriculum-Based Instruction and Teacher Practice will provide you with the right mix of innovative instructional techniques and strategies that will enhance teaching and learning effectiveness and support student achievement.


We are all life-long learners and Pearson’s Professional Learning courses are here to help you achieve your full potential.