E. Paul Goldenberg 

E. Paul Goldenberg has led a wide range of projects during his 28 years at EDC, fostering love and enthusiasm for mathematics from early learners through adulthood. Among his projects is the comprehensive K-5 Think Math! program. Paul has taught every age and type of student, and raised four sons of his own. Along with Al Cuoco and June Mark, he has authored articles focused on a habits-of-mind approach to mathematics education. Dr. Goldenberg studied psychology, mathematics, and education at Brandeis and Harvard.

June Mark 

June Mark brings over twenty years of experience in research and development related to mathematics instructional materials, curriculum implementation, and mathematics teacher professional development. June received her BS (Mathematics) and BSE from the University of Pennsylvania and her Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has been involved in a numerous mathematics education projects, many centering on bringing high quality mathematics to underserved populations. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family including her kids, Michael and Lena. 

June Mark is the coauthor of four Heinemann titles: Lesson Study in Practice: A Mathematics Staff Development Course (2010), A Mathematics Leaders Guide to Lesson Study in Practice (2010), The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit (2008), Choosing a Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum(2000) and Transition to Algebra: Make Algebra Make Sense (2014).  

Jane M. Kang 

Jane M. Kang brings seven years of mathematics teaching experience at Charlestown High School in Boston to this project. She has a strong belief in reflection and classroom discussions as key elements to teaching mathematics. She received her B.A. in Chemistry, M.Ed. in International Education Policy, and M.A. in Mathematics for Teaching, all from Harvard University. Jane is also a serious musician, playing violin in various orchestras and ensembles in the Boston area.

Mary Fries

Mary Fries is a former high school mathematics teacher and dean with an interest in innovative materials development and issues of equity in education—particularly critical mathematics education. She has a B.S. in Mathematics, an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion, and a C.A.G.S. in Mathematics Education. She lives in Boston and enjoys painting, yoga, and contemplating the nature of reality through spirituality and physics.

Cynthia J. Carter

Cynthia J. Carter teaches mathematics to sixth and eighth grade classes that complete algebra 1 and study significant parts of geometry and algebra 2 by the end of eighth grade. She also teaches seventh grade classes that have historically struggled and are just beginning the transition to algebra. She holds an A.B. in a triple major in mathematics, economics, and urban studies from Brandeis University, and an A.M. and a.b.d. in psychology and social relations from Harvard University. Cindy has co-authored other books in mathematics and education, and has also worked as an econometrician, a mathematics teacher coach, and a mother of four wonderful boys.

Tracy Cordner

Tracy Cordner’s background is in creative learning, having received a BSc (psychology) from the University of Alberta and a M. Ed from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her passion is to give students as many (fun!) entryways as possible to the rich world of mathematics. In her personal time, she enjoys reading, writing, and wondering. Tracy lives in Weymouth, MA with her young family.