How do you do a read-aloud? Bobbi Fisher and her daughter Emily Fisher Medvic are authorities on the subject. It is through their collective experiences as classroom teachers—and personal memories of read-alouds since the day Emily was born—that they have come to believe in and promote this practice as the most important component in literacy learning. Their book shows teachers how they can set up their first and subsequent read-alouds to achieve a powerful early literacy program of their own.

The authors draw on their classroom experiences with children from pre-kindergarten through second grade. They also include ideas from teachers throughout the country who have shared their favorite read-aloud books and projects. As children meet characters and engage in listening to stories together, they gather experiences that will become part of a shared narrative throughout the year. This in turn becomes the basis for children to relate to each other, learn about the world, and build a caring learning community.

Discover the who, what, when, where, how, and why of read-alouds. Then watch as this practice becomes a catalyst for moving children more quickly toward reading independence.

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