Picture young children involved in an intense conversation about their books. Listen to how they talk and what they reveal about their comprehension. Imagine yourself being the prime mover in this lively, illuminating discussion. Welcome to the wonderful world of book clubs for young readers!

And Donna Marriott's handbook is just the place to start to set up one of your own. Learn how to organize and manage a book club. Then see the difference as you
  • Teach, practice, and emphasize comprehension skills from the earliest grades
  • Move reading instruction into more intimate, small-group contexts
  • Use small-group time to actually study books, rather than plow through them
  • Engage students with more difficult texts
  • Then give them the time, structure, and support they need for success
Book clubs offer a balanced approach that respects the highly individualized nature of learning and utilizes guided reading, shared reading, listening, speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills. As Donna can attest, they work for even the youngest reader. And they'll work for your young readers, too.