Table of Contents

Part 1 Why Small-Group Inquiry Projects?
Chapter 1 Kids Want to Know
Chapter 2 What We Know About Comprehension
Chapter 3 What We Know About Collaboration
Chapter 4 What We Know About Inquiry

Part 2 Planning for Small-Group Inquiry
Chapter 5 Setting Up Your Inquiry-Based Classroom
Chapter 6 Digital Tools for Inquiry Classrooms: Surfing, Searching, Blogging, Tweeting, and More
Chapter 7 Lessons in Comprehension, Collaboration, and Inquiry

Part 3 Four Models of Small-Group Inquiries
Chapter 8 Mini-Inquiries
Chapter 9 Curricular Inquiries
Chapter 10 Literature Circle Inquiries
Chapter 11 Open Inquiries

Part 4 Measuring Progress with Inquiry
Chapter 12 Assessment and Evaluation