Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

The 13 Parameters are 13 strategies proven to leverage the greatest improvement in student’s literacy achievement.

The 13 Parameters that sustain student achievement:

  1. Shared Beliefs and Understandings Among All Staff
  2. Designated Staff Member for Literacy
  3. Daily, Sustained, Focused Literacy Instruction
  4. Principal as Literacy Leader 
  5. Early and Ongoing Intervention
  6. A Case Management Approach to Monitoring Student Progress
  7. Job-Embedded Professional Development in Literacy
  8. In-school Grade and Subject Team Meetings
  9. Shared Literacy Resources in a Designated Area of the School
  10. Commitment of School Budget to Acquiring Literacy Resources
  11. Staff Commitment to Literacy Learning and Professional Development
  12. Parental Involvement in Supporting Literacy Development
  13. Appropriate Literacy Instruction in All Areas of the Curriculum

For more about each component of the Toolkit, see Virtual Samples.

For a complete overview, take a look at this Overview Booklet (PDF 1.2 MB), which is also included in the Toolkit.