Table of Contents

Part 1: Engage
1. Engagement Strategies for Working with Young Writers
2. Writing Workshop: The Essential Components
3. Teaching Charts: Visual Scaffolds for Young Children, English Learners, and Reluctant Writers
Part 2: Teach
4. The Minilesson: Ensuring Learning Through Explicit Instruction
5. Write from Day One: Focused and Guided Writing Practice
6. Launching and Leading Students’ Writing Development: Teaching Strategies and Skills
7. Knowing How to Help: Intervention for Struggling Writers
8. Language Sense: Helping English Learners Write
1 Minilesson Form
2 List of 100 Most Frequently Used Words
3 Kindergarten Writing Paper
4 First Grade Writing Paper
5 First Grade Writing Paper Memory Moment
6 First Grade Editing Checklist
7 First Grade Memory Moment Planning
8 First Grade Writing Paper
9 Second Grade Memory Moment Planning
10 Add-on Writing Planning Paper
11 Favorite Part
12 Additional Writing Paper
13 Bubblegum Stretch
14 My Favorite Word Bank
15 Picture Detail Planning Paper
16 Nonfiction Reading Note-taking Paper: First Grade
17 Nonfiction Reading Note-taking Paper
18 Picture Word Card
19 Picture Word Bank
20 Word Journal Cover
21 Word Journal Type of Word Page
22 Word Journal Definition Page
23 Words I Use
24 Elkonian Box