Table of Contents

  1. Teach Writing as a Process Not Product
  2. Writing as Process: How Writing Finds Its Own Meaning
  3. Write Before Writing
  4. The Daybook
  5. Listening to Writing
  6. Voice of the Text
  7. Getting Under the Lightning
  8. Teaching the Other Self: The Writer’s First Reader
  9. Like Orwell, Essaying One’s Best
  10. Writing Badly to Write Well: Searching for the Instructive Line
  11. A Writer’s Canon Revisited
  12. Notes for Discussion: Paul Matsuda’s Creative Nonfiction Class
  13. Internal Revision: A Process of Discovery
  14. Don—Still the Copy Editor
  15. The Listening Eye: Reflections on the Writing Conference
  16. Don Drawing Don
  17. One Writer’s Secrets
  18. Where Was I Headed When I Left?
  19. A Writer’s Geography: One Writer at Work
  20. Notes on Narrative Time
  21. Two Poems
  22. All Writing Is Autobiography
  23. I Still Wait for the Sheets to Move
  24. The Importance of Making Snow