Table of Contents


What Is Positive Mental Health?

Promoting Mental Health

Social Emotional Learning
A Strengths-Based Approach

Resilient, Active, and Flourishing

What About You? Educator Well-Being

CHAPTER 1: Your Role in Student Mental Health

Making Mental Health a Priority

The Teacher-Student Relationship

Mental Health Literacy

Reducing Stigma
The Mental Health Continuum

Teaching and Learning

The Goal of Positive Mental Health
Social-Emotional Learning Outcomes

Creating a Healthy, Caring Environment

A Whole Community Approach
Characteristics of a Healthy, Caring Environment

Strategies and Approaches for the Classroom

Dreikurs and Encouragement
The Power of a Circle

CHAPTER 2: Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Intelligence

The Core Competencies

Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

A Classroom Scenario
Understanding Emotions
Self-Management or Self-Regulation
Social and Relationship Skills
Responsible Decision-Making

Comprehensive Strategies and Approaches

Roots of Empathy
Circles and Restorative Justice

CHAPTER 3: A Strengths-Based Approach—Celebrating Diversity

Some More Than Others: Celebrating Diversity

Strengths-Based Learning

Recognizing and Building Strengths

Promoting Strengths for Mental Health

The Gift of High General Intelligence
The Gift of High Sensitivity
The Gift of Introversion
The Gift of High Activity
The Gift of High Excitement

Diversity and Well-Being in the Classroom

CHAPTER 4: Resilient, Active, and Flourishing

Achieving Optimal Mental Health


What is Resiliency?
Developing Resiliency
What Makes Us Resilient?
Recognizing Resiliency
A Social-Ecological Perspective

Being Active

Physical Activity and Mental Health
Promoting Physical Activity in Schools
Adopting an Active Lifestyle


What Does It Mean To Be “Flourishing?”
Seligman’s Concept of Well-Being
Flourishing, Mental Health, and Mental Illness

Resilient, Active, and Flourishing in Today’s Classrooms

CHAPTER 5: What About Me?  Educator Well-Being

Teacher Well-Being Matters

The Value of Social-Emotional Skills

Resources for Educator SEL

Teacher Resiliency and Personal Competence

Managing Emotions
Managing Relationships

A Caring, Inclusive Professional Environment

Teacher Engagement