Praise for Stratosphere

"We need to take what Michael Fullan has written and put it into practice so that our society as we now know it does not slip into a coma; a coma brought on by the ever moving machine of technology that has so pervaded our way of doing and thinking. Bravo, Michael Fullan! Bravo!" [Read full review]

Timothy Gard
Blogger, MindShare Learning
Educator, Toronto District School Board

“Beautifully and brilliantly written, deserving of the title Stratosphere. Full of deep insights, clarity and humor, Michael Fullan has written a truly “must read” for those who care about and seek to deepen their understanding of exciting and new possible worlds. This is one great book with uniquely innovative ideas.”

John Bransford, Shauna C. Larson
Chair in Learning Sciences,
University of Washington