The strains on high school writing classrooms are endless: externally imposed curriculum requirements, ever-increasing expectations, high-stakes accountability assessments, and looming pressures for studying genres ranging from college-entrance essays to workplace English. This book can help you make sense of these competing demands and create an instructional framework that’s flexible enough to help every student in the classroom but strong enough to stand up to the weight of standards and whole-class needs. Writing workshop is that framework. Rebecca Bowers Sipe and Tracy Rosewarne take you inside a diverse, urban high school to find out how purposeful writing instruction looks, feels, and sounds. They show how the complexity of secondary writing instruction can be tackled by adapting the popular and successful writing workshop model to fit the needs of high school teachers and learners. More specifically, they show you how the workshop creates conditions where genres can be explored for authentic purposes and where individual, collaborative, and teacher-learner relationships can help every student increase their facility with many different types of writing