A Complete Guide to Literacy, Content-Area, and Language Instruction

Christina Celic’s foundational guide provides an authentic and meaningful answer to the question, “How can I teach the grade-level curriculum in a way that makes my English language learners successful?” Clear, informative, and authoritative, English Language Learners Day by Day, K-6 shows you what best practices look like on a day-to-day basis, starting day one. The first chapters guide you through the process of:

  • setting up a classroom that supports English language learners in learning language and content
  • launching appropriate instruction and assessment during the first days of school
  • establishing schedules, routines, rules, and procedures sensitive to English language learners 

Ensuing chapters help you understand how to:

  • integrate literacy and content-area instruction during the school year
  • teach academic language throughout the curriculum
  • differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of English language learners

English Language Learners Day by Day, K-6 recognizes the challenges teachers face when working with English language learners, and responds with realistic and practical solutions. Drawing on a rich blend of research findings and classroom experiences, this bible on ELL instruction will help mainstream and preservice teachers, as well as ESL and bilingual specialists, better understand how they can make their classrooms a place where English language learners thrive.