Table of Contents

Foreword by ReLeah Cossett Lent


PART ONE Liberty, Learning, and Academic Freedom

1.  With Liberty for Whom?

Institutional Autonomy • Faculty Autonomy • Student Rights • Parental Authority • Education By and For the Community
Conclusion: Academic Freedom as Intellectual Freedom

A Legal Interlude

2.  The Constitutionalization of Academic Freedom

West Virginia v. Barnette: Freedom from Indoctrination • Keyishian v. Board of Regents: Intellectual Freedom in Education

3.  From Armbands to Bong Hits in the U.S. Supreme Court

Tinker v. Des Moines: Freedom of Expression • Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier: School Authority over Curriculum • Morse v. Frederick: Bong Hits 4 Jesus


4.  Principles of Academic Freedom

Freedom of Belief and Identity • Freedom of Expression and Discussion • Freedom of Inquiry • Freedom from Indoctrination • Equality, Privacy, and Due Process


PART TWO Academic Freedom in Practice

5.  Canon to the Right of Us, Canon to the Left: Literature, Selection, and Censorship
6.  Apes and Evolutionists: Biology and Ideology
7.  “Don’t Know Much About History”: Genocide, Denial, and Indoctrination
8.  Tolerating the Intolerant: Bad Words and Worse
9.  The Birds, the Bees, and the Censors: Sex Education and Its Discontents
10. Doing Right and Being Good: Morality, Values, and Character
11. Ultimate Questions: Religion and Beyond

Appendix: Principles of Academic Freedom

Book Study

References and Suggested Readings