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Chapter 2: Phase 1 Support: Why Does This Student?...

Chapter 3: Phase 2 Support: Discrete Strategies and Related Supports

Chapter 4: Phase 3 Support: Chameleon Activities

Chapter 5: Phase 4 Support: Differentiated Activities

Chapter 6: Phase 5 Support: Inclusive Lesson Design

Chapter 7 Assessment, Evaluation, and Feedback

Chapter 2: Phase 1 Support: Why Does This Student?...

Chapter 2 - Professional Resources


The International Dyslexia Association
Copyright © 1996–2007 The International Dyslexia Association. All rights reserved.

Dyslexia Canada
Copyright © World of Dyslexia. All rights reserved.

Canadian Dyslexia Association

Dyslexic Like Me
© Dyslexic Like Me 2012

Learning Disabilities

Minsunderstood Minds
© WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.  search “Misunderstood Minds”

LD OnLine
© 2010 WETA. All Rights Reserved.

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Learning Disabilities Resource Community
© 2001, 2002 Adaptive Technology Resource Centre

National Center for Learning Disabilities
© 2012 TheNationalCenterfor Learning Disabilities Inc.

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Chapter 3: Phase 2 Support: Discrete Strategies and Related Supports

Chapter 3 - Professional Resources

Learning Style Inventories

Multiple Intelligence Inventory, Learning Disabilities Resource Community  click on Multiple Intelligence Inventory
(Please note that the results of your inventory will be published online. The results are anonymous, but made available for others to view.) 

Thinking Styles Inventory, Learning Disabilities Resource Community  click on Projects → Sternberg-Wagner Thinking Styles Inventory 

Multiple Intelligence Quiz, Job Bank, Service Canada  click on Training and Careers → Training / Learning → How Do I Learn Best? → Multiple Intelligence Quiz 

Seeing, Hearing, Doing Quiz, Job Bank, Service Canada  click on Training and Careers → Training / Learning → How Do I Learn Best? → Seeing, Hearing, Doing, Quiz

What’s Your Learning Style?  click on Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence → click here to take your learning styles test

Chapter 3: Line Master

La Cigale et la Fourmi
 PDF 18kb 2pgs
.DOC 87kb

PVC Pipe Phone
PDF 13kb 1pg
.DOC 77kb

Clock Partners
PDF 69kb 2pgs
.DOC 151kb

A New Kind of KWL, Version 1
PDF 98kb 2pgs
.DOC 1,354kb

A New Kind of KWL, Version 2
PDF 16kb 2pgs
.DOC 82kb

Personalized Vocabulary Lists
 PDF 17kb 2pgs
.DOC 83kb

Personalized Vocabulary Chart
 PDF 13kb 1pg
.DOC 80kb

The Back Chart/Le tableau AACC
 PDF 14kb 1pg
.DOC 82kb

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Chapter 4: Phase 3 Support: Chameleon Activities

Chapter 4 - Line Masters

Changing a Chameleon Activity to a Differentiated Activity
PDF 19kb 3pgs
.DOC 87kb

Chameleon Activity Template
PDF 15kb 1pg
.DOC 88kb

Picture Pick-up Template
PDF 13kb 1pg
.DOC 81kb

Basic Survey Record
PDF 17kb 1pg
.DOC 89kb

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Chapter 5: Phase 4 Support: Differentiated Activities 

Chapter 5 - Professional Resources

© 1999–2012 Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord  click on Free Projects → Hot Dog Booklet 


Kid-Friendly Websites

Les Débrouillards

Géo Ado
© 2012 Milan Presse
© 2012 Milan Press

Copyright © 2012 Milan Presse

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, portail Jeunesse


Other Useful Websites

Les Crapoussins, Littérature jeunesse

Office national du film du Canada/National Film Board of Canada
© 2011 Office national du film du Canada click on → ÉDUCATION 


Bloom’s Taxonomy

University of Victoria, Counselling Services
Copyright © 2004,UniversityofVictoria  click Learning → Exams → Blooms Taxonomy

Old Dominion University
Copyright © 2010 Old Dominion University  search “Bloom’s Taxonomy”


Answering Questions About a Text

Des instruments faits au Québec à bord du successeur de Hubble
Les Débrouillards,


Writing Questions

Hill, J. D., & Flynn, K. (2008). Asking the right questions: Teachers’ questions can build students’ English language skills. Journal of Staff Development, 29(1), 46–52.  click on Publications → JSD → Winter 2008, Vol. 29, No. 1 → Asking the right questions: Teachers questions can build students English language skills  Download Now

Chapter 5 - line Masters

Differentiated Activity Planning Tools
PDF 20kb 3pgs
.DOC 92kb

Other RAFT Activities
PDF 22kb 2pgs
.DOC 87kb

Tic-Tac-Toe Board for In-Class Communication
PDF 14kb 1pg
.DOC 82kb

Cube Template
PDF 90kb 1pg
.DOC 479kb

Differentiated Activity Worksheets
PDF 19kb 3pgs
.DOC 90kb

Images on the Page, Tasks A and B
PDF 217kb 2pgs
.DOC 3,225kb

The Animals on the Farm, Tasks A and B (English and French versions)
PDF 74kb 4pgs
.DOC 717kb

Book Report Template
PDF 15kb 2pgs
.DOC 80kb

Same or Different List
PDF 13kb 1pg
.DOC 78kb

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Chapter 6: Phase 5 Support: Inclusive Lesson Design 

Chapter 6 - Professional Resources

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
© Copyright CAST, Inc. 1999–2012


Another Useful Website

Special Needs Opportunity Window (SNOW)
A project of the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University that focuses on inclusive education and learning, © SNOW, 2012

Chapter 6 – Line Masters

Universal Design in Action
 PDF 48kb 3pgs
.DOC 104kb

Creating Personalized Learning Goals
 PDF 17kb 2pgs
.DOC 88kb

Snapshot Lesson Planner
 PDF 43kb 1pg
.DOC 86kb

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Chapter 7: Assessment, Evaluation, and Feedback 

Chapter 7 - Line Masters

Observation Checklist
 PDF 20kb 1pg
.DOC 108kb

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