About the Books

Teacher View

When teachers log in, they are taken to the teacher site. There are 4 main sections:

  • The LIBRARY section is where you access books to use for teaching, search for and assign books to students as well as accessing the Teaching Notes.
  • The COLLECTIONS section shows any collection of books that you have created and saved. Once you have a collection, you can assign it to any of your students.
  • The STUDENTS section is where you can see a high-level summary of your whole class and their usage of Spark. Select any student to see detailed information about the books they’ve read. You can also manage your class list. 
  • The TEACHERS section allows you to add co-teachers so that multiple teachers can view your class. You can add up to 10 co-teachers.

Student View

When students log in, they are taken to the student site. There are 2 main sections:

  • The FROM MY TEACHER section is where students first land. This is where they see the books their teacher has selected for them plus a tally of how many books they have read.
  • The LIBRARY section is where students access the entire Spark Reading library to find and select books for themselves.

Cultural Content

117 titles

Stories, information, and/or perspectives from specific cultures.


of titles in Spark Reading have been written by Canadian authors.


of titles in Spark Reading have been written by Indigenous authors.

Health and Well-Being

110 Books


54 Books

Social Studies

219 Books

The Arts

55 Books


350 Books


593 Books (NF)
377 Books (F)


5 Books


29 Books


110 Books


175 Books


71 Books


323 Books


236 Books

Graphic Text

43 Books

Traditional Story

35 Books

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