Ready, Set, Spark

Spark Reading Newsletter | Sep 2022

Help reading confidence soar this back-to-school season with Spark Reading! In this issue, find tips, videos, and resources to get your class up and running with Spark in a snap. We’re also launching new fully decodable books (searchable by scope and sequence) to support phonics instruction. Plus, you’ll find books to help your class recognize The National Day of Truth and reconciliation—and a chance to win a set of bean bag chairs for your class!

Launch Spark in Your Class

As the new school year begins, we’re sharing helpful, tip-filled resources for teachers and students so you can kick off a year of reading success!

Teacher Time-Savers

Whether you’re new to Spark or a returning teacher looking for a quick refresher, these resources are for you.

Student How-To’s

These quick how-to videos will help your students use Spark at school and home.

Feature Highlight!

Grow Their Reading Confidence With Decodable Books

As curriculums across the county focus more on phonics, decodable books can support explicit phonics instruction. Spark is ready to help with 60 new fully decodable books from Bug Club. We’ve also added new search functionality that makes it quick and easy to reinforce your explicit, sequential phonics instruction.

Practice Phonics in Context!

  • Bug Club decodable books allow students to practice their phonics skills in context, so you can say goodbye to worksheets.

How to get started

  • Inside Spark, look for a new filter called “Decodable Books”
  • Click on the filter to look at the scope and sequence
  • Select the set that aligns with the phoneme/grapheme you are currently teaching
  • Select a book for whole class instruction or individual student reading and practice

Ideas for Using Decodables with Your Class

Differentiation: Use Bug Club decodable books in Spark to support differentiation.

Try this: If you notice some students need extra support with earlier phonemes and graphemes, use Spark to assign books covering those skills to individuals or small groups for additional practice. You can send different books to groups and individuals depending on their needs.

Watch your Spark library (and our newsletter) as more decodable books are released to support phonics instruction in your classroom in the coming months.

Win a Class Treat!

You do so much for your students! To say thank you, we’re holding a World Teacher’s Day Giveaway! Complete the short form below for your chance to win one of 50 sets of 4 bean bag chairs for your class. Enter the contest here!



The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Encourage learning and reflection in your classroom on The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Friday, Sept 30th) with through-provoking books that address residential schools and Indigenous perspectives.

*Find even more related books within Spark by using the Indigenous Peoples filter under Topic of Interest/Inquiry.

When I Was Eight

(Reading Level P)

This is the true story of Olemaun, an Inuit girl who risked everything to learn to read.

Not My Girl

(Reading Level P)

Learn how Olemaun struggles to fit in when she returns to her Inuit family after two years in a residential school.


Castaway Club

(Reading Level X)

Kari feels unwelcome at her new school in Calgary, far away from her home in Northern Alberta. She wonders if she will ever fit in, until she connects with another newcomer.

The New Girl

(Reading Level E)

Florence is the new girl. When kids make fun of her necklace, what should she do?

Helping Hands

(Reading Level L)

How did European newcomers survive when they first came to Canada? Indigenous peoples offered helping hands.