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Mathology is a comprehensive math program with real-world applications, that helps educators engage and teach students across all skill levels.

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Mathology Little Books

Use the friendly medium of little books to engage learners and provide rich opportunities for teaching and learning with Mathology Little Books.
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Mathology Classroom Activity Kits

Save time, create meaningful learning experiences, and promote understanding of big ideas in math with the rich, hands-on, and fun activities included in the Pearson Mathology Classroom Activity Kits. Learn more at www.pearson.com/mathology

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A simple online tool for teachers containing rich math lessons and pedagogical supports, powered by five core functionalities.

Mathology.ca is currently in development.  Learn more at www.pearson.com/mathology

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Pearson Canada's Math Learning Progression

Pearson Canada’s Learning Progression shows you how students’ mathematical learning and knowledge grows over time. This research-based document reflects much of the recent investigation into mathematical learning while accommodating curriculums through its focus on big ideas in mathematics.  Learn more at www.pearson.com/mathology

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