Guided Reading (GR)

Meet students where they are and lead them forward with intention and precision.

Guided Reading unlocks students’ comprehension skills through explicit instruction, scaffolded support, and engaging discussions. This carefully crafted approach helps students grow into independent readers who can read and understand a variety of texts.


The FPC Guided Reading Collections allow you to build a guided reading collection with powerful, engaging, original books to advance each student's ability to process increasingly challenging books.

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Proficient readers and writers display recognizable behaviors at every stage of literacy learning. When teachers notice, teach, and support these behaviors, they link assessment to responsive teaching. This indispensable literacy tool identifies the behaviors that demonstrate thinking and understanding within, beyond, and about a text. These behaviors are described as continua of learning across eight instructional contexts.

Explore what the Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum is, what’s included, how it’s implemented, and gain access to samplers, research, webinars, and more.

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Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell are committed to the important role of research in the development and ongoing evaluation of Fountas & Pinnell Classroom (FPC).

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