Prepare your students for their IB learning journey to boost their skills, knowledge and learner profiles ready for their new course. 

  • Power Starters is for students who are about to start their IB Diploma.
  • Fast, focused and flexible programmes which provide the prerequisite skills and knowledge required to access their IB Diploma studies.
  • The perfect booster to overcome disruptions caused by Covid-19 so all students start the new academic year on track.
  • Courses available for variety of IB Subjects as well as Learner Profiles skills to prepare students for the IB Diploma’s approach to learning.

Available for the following IB Diploma subjects:

  • Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (Standard and Higher Level)
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation (Standard Level)
  • Mathematics Applications and Interpretation (Higher Level)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Learner Profile skills

Available as teacher-led or learner-led packages.

  • Teacher-led: where the content is delivered face-to-face or remotely in class
  • Learner-led: is developed for individual students for independent learning.