Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Every element of a Math Makes Sense lesson now comes perfectly formatted for your SMART board or screen. Every Explore. Every Practice question. Every Review Lesson. And with the free SMART Notebook ExpressTM software, you can use any computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard to view, save and interact with these files. It's all the power of SMART, now brought to Math Makes Sense.

$249 DVD

Interactive. Portable. eTexts Made to be Personalized

Whether on a computer, iPad, or Android Tablet Pearson eTexts let students highlight and take notes directly onto their Math Makes Sense page – without ever getting in trouble.

As the teacher, you can send your class personal reminders, or include URLs and attachments that magically appear right on their page.

And, best of all, no textbook need ever travel home again.

$7 Annual Subscription

Now even more interactive

  • Virtual Manipulatives.
  • Guided Explorations.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Illustrated Animations.

All integrated at point of use into every Math Makes Sense eText and Whiteboard Pack. Easy to find. Easy to use. Always just a click away.

See Them In Action

Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Download

Download a Sample Lesson (Notebook file, 20.8 MB)

Run the sample using free Smart Notebook Express software.

Having difficulties?

  • Try using Firefox as your browser.
  • Or, manually change the file extension from .zip to .notebook in the "Save as" dialogue box.
  • Email for further assistance.

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

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See what these grade 7 students say about Pearson eTexts.

  • I think the eText is really good for learning, it’s really helpful! I rate it 5 stars.” – Maryam
  • The eTexts are helpful because it helps me learn stuff I didn't learn last year, I think the counters and the other stuff are very helpful.” – Keisha
  • I like the math etext because it is much easier to use and it is much faster to get to where you need to get instead of a book.” – Izzy
  • Now you can see it online” – Rafid
  • I think the eText is helpful because you can use it like a whiteboard even if you make a mistake you can erase it and redo it. Another reason it is really good is because it has all the activities you have on the textbook.” – Sututhi
  • What I think about the eTexts is that it is very helpful and it helps me learn more about math.” – Tayeeba
  • The eTexts help because we get to write on it and in the text books you can’t write on it.” – Kaitlyn
  • I think the eTexts are very helpful and if you forget your math text book you could go on your computer which is very helpful.” – Samiya
  • The math eText book is really good because we don't have to carry the math text book and it is really helpful.” – Lubaba
  • The math eText book is good for all ages and I really like it because I don't have to carry the math text book and I could just go on the website.” – Geeti