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using over 20 Virtual Manipulatives to investigate concepts, model the math, and solve problems.

Base Ten Blocks - Fractions Relationships - Graphing - Probability - 2-D Geometry - Nets and 3-D Measurement - Integer Tiles - Two-Pan Balance - Input/Output Machine - Pattern Blocks - Colour Tiles - Relational Rods - 3-D Views - Number Line - Algebra Tiles - Arrays - Clocks - Money - Tangrams - Geoboard - Counters - Fraction Circles - Fraction Strips - Calculator - Number Charts

See it Tutorials and Animations

using videos and animated illustrations to help students understand and consolidate important concepts and skills.

What is an Angle? - Why does doubling and halving work? - How big is a million? - How can I make change from $20? - What are my chances? - How do I use a protractor? - What if I forget one of my basic facts? - What’s the relationship between addition and subtraction? - What does it mean to divide? - What happens when an object is rotated? - What is a square centimetre? - Does multiplication always make a number bigger? - How do I find a pattern rule? And many more…

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