Table of Contents

Organized around Steph and Anne’s active literacy learning framework, Connecting Comprehension and Technology will help you to teach your students how to:

Monitor Comprehension

  • Reflect Thinking with a Drawing Tool
  • Think About Online Information
  • Notice Internet Distractions
  • Evaluate Internet Sources

Activate & Connect

  • Annotate Thinking Digitally
  • Narrate Thinking with Podcasts
  • Explore Web Features
  • Compare Text and Web Features

Ask Questions

  • Share Questions Online
  • Read an eBook to Answer Questions
  • Ask Questions in Online Discussions
  • Research Lingering Questions Online

Infer & Visualize

  • Visualize with Digital Drawings
  • Create and Illustrate Digital Poems
  • Infer with Visual Cues
  • Infer with Media Cues

Determine Importance

  • Organize Thinking on a Spreadsheet
  • Research Digitally Archived Questions
  • Collaborate on a Spreadsheet
  • Evaluate Infographics

Summarize & Synthesize

  • Produce a Media Project
  • Create an Inquiry Movie
  • Record a Video Book Review
  • Create a Book Trailer