Indigenous Content

Each Bug Club Morphology kit contains at least 3 student cards written by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit authors. 

Bug Club Morphology Kit A:

Two Métis Structures

Reviewed by Cort Dogniez, Métis educator.

Written by Holly Brandsma

Natural Materials

Reviewed by Shelley Charles, Ojibway Elder.

Written by Eileen Marthiensen

The Sacred Cedar

Reviewed by Rita Kompst, Coast Salish Knowledge Keeper, and Heidi Wood, Indigenous educator.

Written by Nadine McSpadden

Bug Club Morphology Kit B:

My Drum Story

Reviewed by Nadine McSpadden, Indigenous educator.

Written by Kyla Bernard

A Sense of Belonging

Reviewed by Holly Brandsma, Métis educator.

Written by Cort Dogniez

The Spring Equinox

Reviewed by Beverly Amos, Inuvialuktun language consultant.

Written by Dwayne Drescher

Bug Club Morphology Kit C:

Circles All Around

Reviewed by Nehiway expert William Weekusk and Nehiyawewin Cree Advisor Rose M. Makinaw.

Written by Crystal Clark

Mahcacowayis: Gift Lake

Reviewed by Gift Lake Contractor and Member Donna Lakey.

Written by Dr. Barb Laderoute

Wisdom in Wampum

Reviewed by Haudenosaunee Consultant Jennifer Staats.

Written by Kristi White

Kicking for Gold

Reviewed by Inuvialuit coach Matthew Anikina.

Written by Dwayne Drescher

Bug Club Morphology Kit D:

A Hidden Gem

Reviewed by the staff at Blackfoot Crossing, including Shannon Bear Chief and Leanne Three Suns.

Written by Grant Many Heads

Stewards of the Land

Reviewed by Ethel-Jean Gruben, Manager of the Inuvialuit Cultural Centre at the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation.

Written by Dwayne Drescher 

Paddling into the Past

Reviewed by educator and citizen of the Métis Nation of Alberta Cheryl Devin.

Written by Holly Brandsma