Indigenous Content

Each Bug Club Morphology kit will contain at least 3 student cards written by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit authors. 

Bug Club Morphology Kit A:

Two Métis Structures

Reviewed by Cort Dogniez, Métis educator.

Written by Holly Brandsma

Natural Materials

Reviewed by Shelley Charles, Ojibway Elder.

Written by Eileen Marthiensen

The Sacred Cedar

Reviewed by Rita Kompst, Coast Salish Knowledge Keeper, and Heidi Wood, Indigenous educator.

Written by Nadine McSpadden

Bug Club Morphology Kit B:

My Drum Story

Reviewed by Nadine McSpadden, Indigenous educator.

Written by Kyla Bernard

A Sense of Belonging

Reviewed by Holly Brandsma, Métis educator.

Written by Cort Dogniez

The Spring Equinox

Reviewed by Beverly Amos, Inuvialuktun language consultant.

Written by Dwayne Dresher