Complete Kit Components

Bug Club Morphology consists of four kits. Each kit was developed to reflect the reading level and curricula at the following grade levels:

Kit A: Grades 2-3

Kit B: Grades 3-4

Kit C: Grades 4-5

Kit D: Grades 5-6

The content and photos on student cards were chosen to appeal to students of various ages, so the kits are also appropriate for use with students in other grades. The intended grade levels are not indicated on student cards, lesson cards, or the kit box.

Student Cards

(18 Student Cards, 10 copies each)

  • Engaging nonfiction topics that connect to both real world and curriculum
  • Morphemes introduced at the beginning of each passage
  • Embedded prompts/activities help students practice skills and consolidate learning

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Teacher’s Guide

  • Comprehensive overview of morphology, including an overview of the research related to the teaching of morphology
  • Explanation of the components, the scope and sequence, and the many connections to your curriculum
  • Practical suggestions for using the resources most effectively

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Lesson Cards

(19 lessons: one for each Student Card plus one for introducing the concepts of morphology)

  • suggestions to engage students with the topic and make connections to prior learning
  • questions/prompts that encourage students to articulate their thinking and construct meaning
  • activities for practice and consolidation of word study and writing skills

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Companion Website

  • Instant access using the login credentials on the inside front cover of the Teacher Guide. The access code can be used on up to three devices at one time
  • Digital versions of all Student Cards to project for whole-class teaching
  • Lesson resources, including activity/assessment Line Masters, videos, and morpheme Wall Cards
  • Accessible PDFs (read by a screen reader and image alt text for all visuals) are available through the companion website by clicking the "Accessibility" link at the bottom